A food conversion years in the making

I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I've been reading up on real foods, watched Food Inc., and been processing the reality that there is an endless number of people who have cancer or know someone who does.I've paid attention to the number of kids we diagnose with ADHD and drug. What role does our American diet play in all of this?  My mind has gone on overload reading everything from Veganism (the Kind Diet) to real food living. All in all, eating naturally means that I know what all the ingredients are in my food. It makes sense to me. I've been so in love with my "coupons" and deals to give up the fruit snacks and high fructose corn syrup products that fill my cupboards.
My food conversion has finally gone full tilt. Now that I am expecting baby #3 after several miscarriages, has motivated me to finally move in this direction.
So I've cleaned out my fridge. I haven't had diet coke in weeks, my margarine has been tossed, and I've gotten rid of the ramen noodle,salad dressings, Easy Mac, cup of soups, candy, hot cocoa packets, Kool-Aid, etc...hoping that my little munchkins haven't noticed. I still haven't mastered what to do when we eat out and I have a hard time passing up my pregnancy cravings for a glazed chocolate donut.

My husband's cousin Betsy sent me a wonderful "real food" care package with homemade granola and some good reading material to get me started on my food conversion.  My good friend Valerie got me and my kiddos back on my Juice Plus and salad has made a comeback on our dinner table. I definitely have not mastered this new "real food" living. We (as in I) are taking baby steps to clean our home of toxic processed foods and eventually I'll move on to better ingredients in my make-up, cleaning supplies, getting rid of those chemically loaded plug in air fresheners, etc....no not ready to over haul everything. I am definitely ready to better nurture my family's health and do what I can to eliminate unnecessary health hazards from my home. So far my husband as indulged my "research" and latest interest. He did comment on the great tasting Irish grass fed REAL butter he put on his morning toast. Nothing beats real butter.

For now I am shopping at Trader Joes and Fresh and Easy. I've given up most of my coupons except for the things that make sense nutritionally, or for household supplies. I've replaced soda with natural lemonade and water. My fruit and vegetable drawer is full and I am trying to figure out how to deal with the food sabotage that comes from school events, holidays (can you say Valentine's day!), work, and everywhere else! And what the heck is the deal with food coloring. Is it that bad really? That one is hard. I feel like my kids are going to be "those wierdo" kids who can't eat anything fun. But my daughter would much rather sit down with a bowl of blueberries anyways! I am sure of that.

I bought some naturally colored gummy bears at Trader Joes and used those at Disneyland yesterday for "line candy" as we call it. Then of course my little boy comes over to me with a sugar coated face of pink delight (cotton candy). Chemically loaded sugar and food dye.
How do you natural mommy's do it? I'd love to know your tricks of the trade to this real food newbie. Is it bad if my kids still get their weekly Happy Meal that drops in their laps on the way to Wednesday night church? What books and baby steps work for you? Do you have a favorite real food blog? I'd love to know!


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