The food line

This morning myself along with some of our youth staff served together in the downtown area of San Diego. I admit I was a little less than happy to hop out of bed early on a Saturday morning.  My dear wonderful intern Krista had fresh donuts in her hand when she arrived to carpool together, and Scott our youth pastor had treats and Starbucks. My day went from starving and pregnant, to fed and happy with my fellow youth workers.
As we served and handed out loads of food to families, moms, grandparents, the elderly and anyone who showed up, I was reminded of how blessed I am.  They lined up early in the rain to get basic groceries. I got up early in the rain complaining that I couldn't sleep in after a trip to Disneyland yesterday. My kids were home playing Club Penguin on their laptops. These kids were in a food line with their mom's in the rain. They were blessed by the free groceries. I was blessed by serving along side of wonderful people and being reminded of God's abundant blessings in my life. I can't wait to go back and serve on another Saturday. Next time I will bring my kids with me. A Saturday morning without cartoons and Club Penguin might be a wonderful teachable moment for my little sweethearts.


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