Kids Chore Chart

We have been using these Dave Ramsey Commission Worksheets for the kids chores for the past year.
It works pretty well, but for our kindergartener, she can't read. So we would have to read them to her and help her check off the right one. It also cluttered our fridge. The kids would use them, but occasionally a week would go by and the chore charts got ignored (parent reinforcement needed...but hey we are busy!).

I was reading someones Facebook post about this Free online chore chart. It's called "My Job Chart."
First off, it's FREE! Secondly...my kids love being on the computer! We set it up and my kids jumped out of bed ready to log in  to their chore chart. We are really having fun with this. You can set each kid up their own account, provide pictures for each chore (great for non-readers) and set up a custom reward system.

I really like it! I can also add a lot more tasks and reminders than I could with the Dave Ramsey chore/commission worksheets. I added the site to our computer bookmark toolbar and the kids can easily find it and log in. I hope they make an ipad app for it! That would rock.


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