Shopping with kids...or not

     During the last few weeks of my pregnancy and now that I have returned back to work after having our third child, Vons online grocery service has been awesome!  Julia was born August 1st. My 6lb 14 oz bundle of blessing has added so much joy to our family and much less free time. Having three kids to cart to a grocery store (one being a breastfed infant) is more than I am willing to do at the moment. I don't even have time to shower, so what is a busy mama to do? Online grocery delivery! My favorite store, Vons, has a great online ordering system and the food gets dropped off right at my front door. The driver even brings the bags inside the house if I ask him to. He does not however put them away. My little minions and I do that part. 

How to save on online grocery delivery at Vons.
1) Look up the store and search for online promo codes. Right now there is this one:
Free Delivery on First Order of $49 or More! Enter Promo Code EASY7.
Once you become an online customer,  Vons will frequently e-mail you more deals to entice you to order online again. Make sure to use your club card when you sign up.
2) Go to the Von's website and click on their coupon section. You will find four different ways to add digitial coupons to your club card. Through Vons coupon center, ShortCuts, PG e-saver, and Cell Fire you will get tons of coupons. 
3) While online shopping at the Vons website,  make sure to sort by Club Card specials. Don't order anything that is not on sale, unless you have a serious craving for a $4 pint of Ben and Jerry's at full price. 
4) Look at the online promo deals. Sometimes they are awesome for stuff you were planning on purchasing anyways. Other times they simply add more cost than the deal is worth. 
5) Order and enjoy the time you saved. I LOVE ordering via my ipad from the comfort of my home and picking a delivery time that works for me. 
6) Oh...and drivers do not accept tips. So that saves $ too. 
7) If you get fruit or something that seems not up to par...moldy, bruised, etc...just call customer service and they give you a refund. They have GREAT customer service. 

     Reordering favorites is easy too, because the website saves all your order history. You can quickly reorder from your last shopping trip. 
Let me know how it goes if you try Vons online grocery ordering. 

FYI- I do not work for Vons, nor get paid for this endorsement. 


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