One Minute Meatballs

Need a quick and easy meal you can throw together in the morning or a meal you can assemble and put in a Ziploc Freezer bag for another day? Then one minute meals are to the rescue. These are easy recipes you can assemble all at once for a well stocked freezer full of meals or put together quickly in the morning before you head out the door. Today I am featuring One Minute Meatballs. I did purchase these on the "How I Fill My Freezer" Target run I posted about yesterday, but they are a bonus meal.  Here is the recipe:

Jar of Smucker's Simply Apricot
1  Raspberry Chipotle grilling sauce from Archer Farms (found at Target)
1 family size bag of frozen meatballs

Put all ingredients in slow cooker  (or freezer bag for later), stir or "smoosh" ingredients together
and cook on low for 4-6 hours. These cook quick, so best to cook on low for 4 hours and then put it onto the "keep warm" setting.  Serve over rice and enjoy. This is a meal so easy a kid can do it! Literally. My blond haired sweetie pie (she is only 6 years old) was able to assemble this bad boy for the freezer.

What is your favorite "quick" meatball recipe? 


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