Simple and Tasty Thanksgiving Menu

First Thanksgiving with Julia JoAnn and first one without Grandpa Andy.
     It seems that once Halloween hits, I blink and it's Christmas morning. As I sadly pack up Christmas decorations come January 1st, I remind myself that Christmas will be here again before I know it. Like a little girl who cries when it's time to leave Disneyland, my heart sinks just a little every time Christmas is over. Well guess what! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and this Christmas season is upon us soon after. I can't believe another year has come and gone.

     Last Thanksgiving my little Julia was unknowingly planting herself into the wall of my uterus. I had no idea that 2011 would bring us a little girl. After three consecutive miscarriages, I gave up, got rid of all baby stuff, traded in the mini van for a smaller car and content to enjoy the blessings already bestowed on me. Early last December after craving an Arby's roast beef sandwich, I found out I was pregnant (surprise). Now Julia JoAnn is here for her first Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving is also the first one without Andy, my father in law. So it's an adjustment for all of us Abbas kiddos.

     Lot's of changes this past year. Losing an amazing Father is still a struggle for my husband and sad for us all. The parsonage/home we all returned to for Abbas family gatherings up near Fresno is no longer housing Pastor Andy and my mom in law, JoAnn. For now she is staying with my brother in law Stephen. So the holidays are a lot different now. Not being there together is another vivid reminder of our loss. Yet joyously, we have added to the Abbas clan with Julia JoAnn and her baby boy cousin is soon to arrive as well! The circle of life. Sad that these sweet babies never got to meet their Grandpa, yet sweet to know he knew of their little lives sprouting in their mommy's safe and cozy tummy's before he passed away. Josh (the oldest Abbas grandkid) promised Nana that he would tell his baby sister and baby cousin all about Grandpa.

     This Thanksgiving we are having Thanksgiving at our house and I am cooking. My mom and sister in law are bringing some goodies too.

Here is our simple and tasty Thanksgiving menu: 

Veggie Tray with Ranch Dressing from Fresh and Easy
Tortilla Chips with Fiesta Party Dip Mix from Tastefully Simple
Crackers with Spinach and Herb Dip from Tastefully Simple
The Feast:
Traditional Turkey in a Reynold's Oven bag 
Green bean Casserole (My mom is bringing) 
Cranberry Stuffing Mix from Fresh and Easy 

Mashed Sweet Potatoes from Fresh and Easy


Post Feast:

My Favorite Pumpkin Dessert!
Apple Pie from Marie Calendar's 


Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. The picture of the kiddos is from our portrait session last week with
Nicole at Yellow House Photography
She does a great job!


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