Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

 The Turkey has been demolished and my grease covered wedding ring is a counter top casualty since I forgot to take it off prior to sticking my hands into the lovely Turkey carcass. A few minutes in to the turkey demolishing, I slid the greasy thing of my finger and it is still laying on my kitchen counter waiting to be cleaned. After making White Chicken Turkey Chili, the next meal to make with the Thanksgiving Day leftovers is of course a casserole! Spray a casserole dish with some cooking spray and let the casseroling begin!

First the stuffing and then the turkey.

Then the cheese goes on!
Can't have too much cheese!
These are my mashed potatoes that I actually made from scratch!
Add a nice layer of mashed potatoes.

Then a bit more gravy and more cheese!
Bake at 350 til warm all the way through. About 30-40 minutes.


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