Thanksgiving Leftover White Turkey Chili Made in A Minute

Have a minute? Have leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving? Have a willing slave helper? Then you can make this super easy White Chicken...oops today it's Turkey chili! This meal is so easy I pulled my ten year old off of his brand new Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword video game to come and throw this meal together for me. He was willing because I told him he could go back to playing Zelda in a literal minute. He happily hauled his cute little freckle face over to the kitchen and made this dinner in 60 seconds. The trick to this yummy chili being so quick and easy is that I have a handy dandy White Chicken Chili mix in my cupboard for such a time as this! You can get yours HERE (no I don't make money off this...I just LOVE quick dinner mixes).  I keep my pantry well stocked for quick and easy cooking because quite frankly I can not handle much more Pizza Hut.

Here is the recipe and a video of this One Minute Meal.

We cooked the White Turkey Chili on low in the slow cooker while we were at church this evening. When we got home it was nice and ready for us to eat. Enjoy! We sure did!
Little sister says "Josh makes the best soup."


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