Waffle Cinnamon Rolls from Pinterest

 Inspired by multiple pins on Pinterest, I decided to try these out. Take a can of Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon rolls and cook them in a waffle iron.
They cook quick, so don't leave them in too long. The result is fantastically sweet and wonderful waffles. The kiddos and hubby loved this breakfast.
If you are in the mood for delicious waffles, than this is a great idea! The sweet smell of cinnamon rolls will fill your kitchen and draw your family swiftly to the table. Spread the icing over the warm waffle and watch it melt into a pool of sweet bliss in each waffle square. I will add that if you are hoping for a sweet and fluffy cinnamon roll, then make the cinnamon rolls as intended, but if waffles are what you are hoping for then this is perfect!


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