Family Fun Christmas Scavenger Hunt

     As parents who have super creative jobs, we try to be just as fun at home too! Everyone knows about youth group scavenger hunts, but how about one for YOUR family? Here is a Christmas Scavenger hunt BINGO sheet I made to give the kids (ours!) as we head out and look at Christmas lights this evening. As you go out and look at Christmas lights, read John 8:12, "I am the light of the world."  I love to tell our kids to think of Jesus everytime they look at Christmas lights. Here are some ideas for making this a fun night of surprise:
1)  Set the clocks ahead one hour and put them to bed early (they don't know that!)
2)  After about five minutes after lights out, announce a surprise pajama run!
3) They pile in the car to see Christmas lights!
4) Hand them clipboards with a scavenger hunt BINGO sheet of things to find. They get 1,000 points for every Bingo and 100 bonus points for each item they find on the list  (just for fun!).
5) Put some Candy Canes in the car for prizes.

Extra fun:
 I have cookies baking in the oven (I told them the cookies where for a party at work tomorrow) to bring along. We will also stop at Starbucks for a warm drink on the way (we are out of hot chocolate at home).

Can't wait! We do this every year!
Here is our Scavenger Hunt List 
Cookies in the oven...the kids don't know it's for them! 

We stop at Starbucks first for Hot Chocolate 

Give Your Kids A Scavenger Hunt List for Christmas Light Hunting


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