One Minute Italian Stewed Beef

2lbs of Stew Meat + diced tomatoes+ french style green beans+ Italian dressing

Combine all ingredients into freezer bag and label.

Prep time: 60 seconds
Cooking instructions: Slow cook 6-8 hours on low. 

     We just had Italian Stewed Beef last night for dinner. Before heading to work yesterday morning I grabbed the bag straight from freezer and dumped it into my slow cooker. It is a delicious and super easy meal to assemble and keep in your freezer. On a busy morning simply take the bag from the freezer and dump right into your slow cooker. Just cut the bag open (if it's too frozen to dump the contents out of the bag) and there ya go!
     Bonus idea: If you have time (and potatoes) peel and dice several  potatoes and add to slow cooker. We love this meal with potatoes. Serve over rice. My mom used to make this meal often when I was a kid and it was a favorite.

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