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     This is a meal idea I saw on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try. It looked like the perfect 4 meals in 4 minutes style of cooking. Simply add frozen chicken breasts, can of diced pineapple and Hawaiian bbq sauce (found at Target).  This qualifies as a meal so easy, my kids can make it type of recipe. You can assemble this meal in sixty seconds flat into a handy dandy freezer bag, label "Hawaiian Chicken" and write the cooking instructions onto the bag. It's a great meal for your freezer that later can easily get dumped right into your slow cooker. Just cut the bag open (if it's too frozen to dump the contents out of the bag) and get the frozen lump of yumminess it into your slow cooker. It helps to have a nice sized slow cooker.

Prep time: 1 minute
Cook time: on low in slow cooker 4-6 hours

     Serve over rice or shred and put on a hamburger bun with a side of sweet potato fries.
You can also make sliders by serving it up on those divine Hawaiian sweet rolls. I can never eat just one of those! We were at Costco yesterday and I could not put the Hawaiian sweet rolls in my cart. I lack self control when those are in the house.


  1. Anonymous3/11/2013

    I love those rolls! Actually any rolls! I am thinking about making this for dinner tomorrow. I was thinking about adding onions to it though. I like to make hawaiian chicken with a kroger marinade and onions and green peppers on white rice but this sounds good. My family likes onions in most dishes, except my daughter but we just lie to her. Shhhhh. LOL thanks for the post. :)


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