Rice Cooker Meat Balls

Meatballs+Spaghetti Sauce+Cooked Elbow Noodles
Dinner in My Rice Cooker!

     This morning I forgot to put dinner in my Crock Pot. When I came home from work I opened the fridge to find a large container of cooked elbow noodles from a previous meal. I dumped it in my rice cooker along with some spaghetti sauce and frozen meatballs. A quick push of a button turned on the rice cooker and I trusted that it wouldn't turn into a really bad idea. The light on my rice cooker eventually kicked itself over to the keep warm setting, and I opened the lid to see if all was well underneath. Yes it was a winner! Another dinner in my rice cooker. This meal took less than 60 seconds to throw together and about 10 minutes to cook. I topped it with some Parmesan cheese and served with a side of steamed broccoli. My 6 year old daughter declared this meal her all time favorite (she is easy to please!) and everyone else licked their plate clean. I would say this is definitely a keeper! A perfect example of a C.O.S.T. (cook once serve twice) cooking meal. Always cook more than you need so you can use it for another meal! These elbow noodles appeared first with beef stroganoff and again today with the meatballs and pasta sauce. Yup...I love my rice cooker and I love COST cooking.
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