Works for Me Wednesday

     Here is an idea for thoughtfully using all those Christmas cards that land in your mailbox this time of year. 
We took all of our cards from last Christmas and put them in a cute handmade bag  Ziploc bag on a huge magnetic clip on the front of our fridge. Usually it's on the side of our fridge, but during Advent I move it to the front. Throughout the year I also add birth announcements and any missionary letters or support letters from people going on missions trips as they come in the mail. 
 Before dinner the kids take turns each night picking (with their eyes closed) a Christmas card from the bag. At dinner time we pray for the family the card is from. The kids are really enjoying this and so are we! 
It's a great use of those cards. Someday I will make a prayer scrapbook from the cards or a cute basket to put them in. For right now my trusted Ziploc does the job just fine. 


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