Guess who is losing the baby weight?

The baby is five months old and the feast-ivities of the holidays are over. The hubby and I want to get back in our pre-julia jeans and enjoy our thirties as fit not frumpy. We will only get older, so why waste our young family days as flabby?

I did Jenny Craig and was close to my goal weight when we got our surprise of kiddo #3.
We are doing the online Weight Watcher program. Hopefully my milk supply won't go down and the extra points for nursing mommies is pretty sweet.

Our first week on the program is tomorrow (confession I have been signed up for three months and stopped tracking after the first few days) and we both feel much more energized by our healthy food choices this week. We are weighing each other in tomorrow and tracking our weight on our bathroom mirror with an expo marker.  This is the first time my husband has done weight watchers with me and it is so much more motivating.

I will keep you posted on how it goes!
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