Tips for Pregnant Women in Youth Ministry

Last year at this time...look what was cooking!

     There are youth workers, some of them are female. At some point these female youth workers become moms. So… how do you manage that?  Well I’ve done this a few times and after recently being pregnant with baby #3 after multiple miscarriages I made a list of tips.  I am very familiar with  being a youth worker who finds herself face to face with a positive pregnancy test and the joys and fears in that moment.

     First, I have to say to the rest of you non-pregnant or not yet pregnant youth workers is this: If the smell of corn nuts, stories about poop and other gross things make you nauseous…try being pregnant! Most youth workers can handle their fair share of grossness.  Pregnant? Well it’s a whole other story.  Yes,  you are stuck  in a room full of middle school students where half the room permeates with the aroma of corn nuts.   How do you make it through that? Here are a few tips for keeping it together when you feel like running out of the youth room as quickly as possible:

1) Keep gum with you at all times. Make sure the gum is a flavor that smells great and taste yummy to you. When you start to feel queasy, pop in some gum. It truly helps! Suckers also do wonders. My favorite is jolly rancher pink lemonade flavored suckers.

2) If you are not up front teaching or leading at the moment, try and place your self around students who actually smell good. Avoid the ones who are eating or have an unpleasant aroma (we all have some of those in every youth group!)

3) Delegate as much as you can ! If someone else is leading upfront, you have more opportunities for frequent bathroom breaks and trips outside for fresh air.

4) Eat! If you have an empty stomach, you will feel worse. Make sure to eat your regular meals and keep some granola bars in your purse.

5) Keep bottled water handy. Have some in your office. Place an extra hidden stash in your youth room (that your other staff can’t claim!). I went to grab a water bottle only to see my case empty and the last bottle labeled with a sharpie sitting on a near by sofa with an intern’s name on it! So label all the bottles with your name! No one will knowingly take from a pregnant lady.

These are a few quick tips for handling pregnancy on those frequent Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights in a youth room filled with students.  I will post other tips in future posts on things related to being a pregnant  or having a baby and being a youth worker.
2 days before baby #3


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