Not a Fat Youthleader

My husband and I are on a quest to get back into our "pre Julia" jeans. We are beginning week 5 of Weight Watchers. He is down 10 pounds and I am down 6. Whoohoo. So how do you diet at camp? I love camp, but this last weekend at winter camp provided me with 2 challenges. Challenge #1 was my first weekend as a nursing mommy away from my 6 month old. Challenge #2 was sticking with my weight watcher points!

Tips for a successful weekend at camp?
#1 Walk everywhere...running around with middle schoolers equals a lot more exercise than you think.
#2 Water. Lots. Bring your own refillable water bottle and drink up. This helps the mommy youth leader keep up on baby feeding issues AND keeps you feeling full.
#3 Eat the meals. Don't be afraid to eat. Camp makes me hungry and with a predictable meal schedule of 8,noon and 6 it is easy to not snack between meals.
#4 Splurge a bit. Share some junk with the middle schoolers. It IS camp and going back to the plan is easy when you get home. You are probably eating a lot less than you would have before dieting and learning about real portion sizes.
#5 Get back to it! Today I am back to writing down everything and counting points. Not much damage was done in one weekend...Super Bowl and all. In fact, I actually STILL lost weight.
Forest Home Adventure Mountain Sundae! Oh yes I did.

The best thing about being on a diet post baby? Dieting with my husband and having so much more energy to keep up with my kiddos and my middle schoolers. Because I don't want to be a fat youth leader. It's too easy to be one with all the pizza and junk around. That is a little bit why I am crazy about meal planning. I gotta have a plan or the candy, soda, Starbucks meetings, discipleship over fish tacos, and endless pizza lunches catch up to me. Being at camp and keeping up with the students is important. Carrying my luggage far distances in the freezing cold is hard enough...don't need more of me to lug around either.

So this is me. Determined to not be just another fat youth leader.


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