The 3 Must Haves In Your Freezer

3 Must Haves In Your Freezer

 Yesterday, I  had my groceries delivered via Vons grocery delivery service (read about why that's a life saver HERE).  Once the kids helped me put away the groceries, I cooked up 3 meal starters. Let me share one of my meal making tips that saves me from dialing up Pizza Hut when I am faced with the ever present "What's for Dinner?" Here it is: ALWAYS have these 3 meal starters in your freezer.

1) Pre-Cooked Taco Meat (browned ground beef + taco seasoning+ black beans+corn). Oh the things you can do with this one thing in your freezer! Taco salad, taco soup, tacos, Mexican casseroles, enchiladas, etc. With the meat all ready to go, you will have a meal on the table in minutes! If you don't like beans or corn in your taco meat...well leave it out. Just make sure to ALWAYS have pre-cooked taco meat in your freezer. Well unless you are a vegetarian.

2) Shredded pre-cooked chicken breasts.  With this you can make so much!  Add to salads, casseroles, soups, stir-fry, on and on.  This is an essential meal starter to always have on hand. Today I grabbed a cup and a half of it to make an easy Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch. I added it to a Chicken Noodle soup mix, threw in some corn and leftover potato chunks from another meal.  A nice almost homemade soup in less than 10 minutes.

3) Pre-Cooked Italian Seasoned Ground Beef (browned ground beef+garlic seasoning+basil seasoning). With this old standby in your freezer you are on your way to yummy spaghetti sauce, lasagna, or a nice Italian wedding soup in minutes. My kids love spaghetti so having this in my freezer is a life saver! 

With these 3 essential meal starters in your freezer, you will be ready to get dinner on the table and not order another Pizza. Because youth leaders hate pizza, right?  Which is exactly what we will be having tomorrow at the after-church student leader meeting I am leading. Pizza Hut.

 Dear Pizza Hut,
I do like you. If I didn't, I would order Little Ceasars at half your price, or Dominoes. But their pizza isn't as good. So at $10 a pizza, I choose you Pizza Hut for all my youth ministry needs. I just get sick of having you dear Pizza Hut so often and I am trying to not be a fat youthleader. So I avoid you dear Pizza Hut at home as often as possible. I promise I do order you on family movie nights at home and still take you to the drive in movies to easily feed my family of 5. 


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