Why You Should Be Using Evernote in Youth Ministry

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     Since our Youth Worker Network meeting in January,  I have been using and LOVING Evernote. Adam from The Youth Cartel came and shared with us youth-workers about worthwhile tech/apps/websites in youth ministry. I jotted down my faves on my yellow notepad app and this has been my favorite one so far. Evernote is essential  for staying organized and working on projects collaboratively. 

     My "free" Android work phone is severely lacking.  It does not, like the far superior iphone, sync my yellow notes.  The ever handy virtual yellow legal pad is pretty useful.  The Apple Notes app is certainly a favorite, but Evernote is even better for ministry. Where did that document go with my retreat schedule? How can I share this agenda easily with my staff? Not a problem with Evernote. With Evernote, I have a comprehensive system of virtual notebooks to track and organize anything and everything I am working on. The best part is, I can share a youth ministry notebook with my staff. Within that shared youth ministry notebook, I can add several different notes or checklists. Evernote also lets you add tags and search through all your notes easily for whatever subject, or topic you are trying to locate from previous entries. 

     Accessing the notebooks is a breeze! We can all (for FREE!) access Evernote from any device with internet access and the Evernote App makes it effortless to access notebooks from anywhere. With the premium service (a mere $45 bucks a year) I can share a notebook that my staff can also edit. Premium lets you allow others to add ideas, make notes or changes, etc to shared notebooks.  A perfect tool to collaborate and work on projects with everyone on the same page all the time. All changes are saved and synced, so no need to worry if you are looking at the latest revision or not.

     The best thing for me about Evernote, is that I can use it in all aspects of my life. As a woman in youth ministry, I LOVE that I can create notebooks for both home and ministry. My favorite home use for Evernote is for recipes. I use the Say MMM  feature for generating an automatic grocery list from any set of recipes in my notebook.  Super amazing for menu planning and grocery shopping.  I can also keep a running to-do list for keeping track of all those day to day details such as purchasing berries for my daughter's daisy troop tea party on Thursday. I love the to-do list feature! I can easily share a to-do list or grocery list with my husband via the share button.  There are so many uses for Evernote, these are just a few!  I also love that I can make book, blog, or sermon idea notebooks for jotting down articles and ideas anytime I am thinking of something I don't want to forget. With the Evernote App on my smartphone and ipad, I am all set! Check it out if you have not yet. What are your favorite techy tools for youth ministry?



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