Have You Met Rude Rabbit?

     Here is a great "Works For Me Wednesday" idea. One of our youth group parents knitted a beautiful blanket for my daughter Julia who was born in August ('11) and with it she included this fun little hot pink rabbit. Our family has since deemed it "Rude Rabbit."  This rabbit joins our family meal times and sits waiting for someone to be rude. When someone exhibits rude manners at the dinner table, they are handed the rude rabbit. Well with 5 of us at the table, you can imagine the rude and gross behaviors that occasionally occur. When dinner is over, whomever has rude rabbit in their possession gets to clear the table.

  Our Rude Rules are as such:
  • No farting, burping, or chewing with your mouth open. 
  • No eating before we pray.
  • No Gossip (working on this one!) 
  • No getting up from the table without asking to be excused. 
  • Lastly...taking your own plate to the kitchen is expected or you land the rude rabbit.     
Meet Rude Rabbit!


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