No more cheesy youth group flyers

     These days in youth ministry, I've noticed all the "techy- hipster"  youth workers reign the world of cool flyers. They are the peeps you ask to drop-box you THEIR flyers so you can make it YOUR own. Many of them have a design background in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They are graphic designers who couldn't find jobs and ended up in youth ministry.  Maybe not. I tend to think graphic designers make great youth workers. Cool t-shirts, nice websites. Awesome flyers. Yup. Not that I am sayin that's ALL youth ministry is about, but it helps.

     So here is the situation: I was looking through our shared drive at the office to see many of our flyers are horrible. Yes, horrible. Most (if not all) of our flyers are stuck in the world of 1998 MS Publisher and cheesy clip art. I have made my fair share of those aweful flyers filling our network drive.Oh what to do?
Let me ask, who uses Photoshop for flyers? Not me. Not yet. The closest I've gotten to Photoshop is a short lived run at digital scrap-booking. It was too complicated. The layers, brushes, and non-intuitiveness of the program killed me. If I need a digital scrapbook I look to Snapfish.

     Flyers go in hand in hand with youth ministry like pizza and foam finger rockets propelling through the air. So, if making  flyers are an inevitable part of youth ministry, we should definitely learn to make them a little lot cooler! Recently,  I learned a few secrets to mastering the world of cool flyers. First...find someone who makes cool flyers and ask to learn their secrets. We are blessed with young college-aged interns in our youth ministry. One of them was making a much better version of MY flyer and instead of feeling bad I was impressed! I wanted to learn her secret for busting out of the rut of MS Publisher templates from the 90's.She gave me some cool ideas.

     Secondly, DO what they suggest. Try it. You can probably figure it out. She pointed me to MS Office Online which actually has some templates made in THIS decade. The other resource she shared with me is this brand spankin new one I am excited about! It's like digital scrap-booking and Photoshop combined into flyer heaven. Meet Picmonkey. For now it is FREE and awesome. Here is an example of a flyer brought back from the vault of 1999 into the world of 2011 2012.

First time we I made the flyer:

The new and improved flyer using Picmonkey (that I actually made myself)!

     The only danger is that (as usual) youth workers tend to grab any image we want from the web and use it in our own flyers and webpages. Many times these pictures are not our own, and subject to copyright violations. I've recently heard the use of someone else's photos made equivalent to Napster in the past. However, I kind of think if you don't want someone else to use your photo, then either watermark it or don't post it up on the web for the whole world to access.

     Other than that...I hope Picmonkey gives some new life to your flyers! It is a super fun program to use. I hope it stays FREE and lasts longer than it's predecessor (Picknik). HERE is a tutorial I made on how to use PicMonkey for Youth Group Flyers if you need one.


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