Tips for Nursing Mom's in Youth Ministry (Part 1)

     Hopefully there are no boys reading my blog. Since I am currently nursing baby #3 and am a woman in youth ministry, I  have some helpful tips to share for women in youth ministry who are breastfeeding. I am sure there are SOME of you out there, or will be at some point.  After 3 kids, I have gained some experience as a nursing mom and full time youth worker. Of course, even if you are not a youth worker these tips are helpful to every working mom who is committed to breast feeding.

    #1  First, your boobs will leak. You need to keep reliable nursing pads in your desk, purse, diaper bag AND with your breast pump. Nothing is worse than getting up to lead a youth group game and suddenly realizing you forgot to put on nursing pads as you hurried out the door Sunday morning. Panic. Of course you did remember to bring your coffee (decaf because you are nursing). Having your breasts leak ALL over your bra and hoping it doesn't soak through to your shirt is a horrible way to begin youth group. Yes, this has happened to me! Lesson learned. Keep these stashed everywhere. When you use up your stash, you MUST not procrastinate. Re-stock soon. In fact. keep a whole box in your office. You will be glad you did!

Essentials for Nursing Moms
     Where to get the best nursing pads? Currently, I get these Lasinoh pads from Amazon.com using Amazon Mom's subscribe and save discount. They come in bulk and cost less than Target. Check it out. Amazon is always changing their subscribe and save discount, so make sure it's worth it! The free delivery to my doorstep is pretty darn convenient too. I've sent my husband to Target one too many times on an emergency run for more breast pads. I like this brand because they are not too bulky, super absorbent and individually wrapped which is nice for stashing them in your purse. 

Modest is Hottest
     #2 Secondly, your boobs will get bigger and your clothing will suddenly seem more revealing. What cleavage you thought you had well hidden before having a baby will suddenly be more difficult to hide as your breast enlarge from pregnancy and milk engorgement. Maybe your church is lax on dress code, but here where I work, we are very careful to be modest and keep "the girls" covered. I am pretty sure most youth workers are committed to modesty because we value the men in our lives. These Cami Secret mock camisoles are great for female youth workers. Whether pregnant, nursing, or just have too many "not church appropriate" cleavage enhancing tops, these mock camisoles are super. Keep them handy. You can enjoy your cute tops while having a way to keep them appropriate for the unspoken church dress code.I got them in the "As Seen on TV" section at Walmart.

    #3 My third tip would be: HAIRTIES! Need to hands free pump without an expensive hands free pumping bra? Here is a great trick I learned (finally after baby #3 was born) for hands free pumping with hair ties. I found the idea here at Kelly Mom, which is a website every nursing mom should check out. I use hair ties for hands free pumping, but they also come in handy for days you forget to bring a bottle to pump milk into. I keep breast milk storage bags in my desk (another great help!) and on the occasion I forget a bottle to pump in to at work, I can secure a milk storage bag on to my pump with a hair tie. Love hair ties!

There are lots of other great breast feeding helps and tips I can share, but most of them can be found at Kelly MOM so check it out.

     In another future post, I will address the issue of nursing/pumping in a boys world. We as female youth workers who happen to have babies and breastfeed might need some advice for meeting the needs of our babies when we have youth group boys, guy volunteers, and male co-workers and pastors around us.


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