What? My Socal Vons is not Doubling COUPONS anymore?

Freeze Meat? NOOOOOO!

Freeze MEALS instead
I came home from a recent shopping trip to my local Vons and saved A LOT using coupons, my Vons Club Card and the JUST FOR YOU deals loaded onto my Club Card. I scored a pile of meat on sale and instead of throwing it into my freezer, I stayed up a little late and packaged all the meat into ready to grill/bake/slow cook meals! My freezer has 10 different meals in it now! Yay. Here is an idea of one EASY meal to throw in your freezer: 

Tri Tip Roast + Marinade + A Can of Rootbeer=
One EASY meal for your freezer  that you can throw in the slow cooker. 
Sadly, Vons is no longer doubling coupons, so I must admit, I am bummed! Today I added a few stores to my grocery game list  so I can comparison shop a bit more than I do now. Not sure if I have the time to track coupons and deals for 3 different stores (Vons, Albertsons, and Walmart) but I am going to try for a few months. Grocery prices keep rising so I think it's time to be more committed to my couponing. If you are a busy mom working full time and wish to coupon and meal plan...I highly recommend the Grocery Game to streamline the time you spend on coupon cutting. The grocery game scours all the advertised and unadvertised grocery deals so you don't have to. The grocery game also allows me to cut only the coupons I need that week, instead of all of them! 


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