A Sunday With Active Link

Just an average Sunday in youth ministry 
This gadget loving girl has been enjoying my new Active Link monitor from Weight Watchers. In my quest to avoid the fat youth leader syndrome, it has been a super fun tool motivating me to get off my butt! If your Sunday is anything like mine, I bet you are much more active than you think. This is a typical Sunday without anything extra. No going to the gym, no Zumba on the wii and no treking through Disneyland. Just a typical Sunday in youth ministry. The evening hours involved going to Target for some dog food, getting gas, and buying a Sunday paper at the mini mart.   Of course this is a Sunday for a woman in youth ministry. So I don't come home and watch football all day. I have 3 kiddos to feed, diapers to change, and kids to get ready for school on Monday.

When I am not busy at church, there is lots to be done on the home front. However, today I did enjoy an hour nap snuggling and nursing my baby. Can you guess (from the chart above) what time that was? Yup at 5pm. The most active part of today? 8am. That's the time when I am in the youth room getting ready for our 1st service. My activity level spikes up again at noon...youth group clean up time! I thought this was an interesting chart to post. If your activity level for a typical Sunday in youth ministry was diagrammed, I bet it would look very similar.

Today I earned 5 activity points! Just enough for 1/2 of a cup of my favorite SMORE ice cream.


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