Apps You Can Use for Youth Ministry

It's Techy Tuesday, which means I am going to share a techy favorite with you. This week's fave is Click Counter. Have lots of heads to count? Here is one of my favorite apps for keeping an accurate count of kids who are on trips with us. This past weekend we took 2 buses of youth group students on a Six Flags Magic Mountain trip. Having an accurate count is really important! It would really ruin my day (and theirs) to leave a kid behind! I can not imagine how low my head would hang as I hide meekly away in my office if I ever left a student behind on a youth group trip. Thankfully this app helps me keep count...because I am horrible at remembering numbers and memorizing head counts. This app really is a huge help! I don't have an iphone (picture a sad face here), because my church provided phone is an Android. I can't complain with free, so I will try not to be depressed about not having an Iphone. So if you find a cool click counter for the iphone, please post it in the comments and let me know. I haven't looked for an iphone one yet. This click counter is also super handy for doing head counts for big events too.


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