Using Evernote to Manage Your Ministry

A Screen Shot of My Evernote Notebooks and Notes 

Need to keep on top of those annual and re-occurring youth events? 
Use Evernote! Chances are, you do the same events, same camps, and the same type of outreach events each and every year. Yes it's time to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Again. I've been there at least 15 times, and it has not grown on me yet. If I could pick one event to magically have the stomach flu for...well it would be that one! But the youth group loves it, so we go. Again and again. Insert fake smile. I hate lines. I especially dread long, long, lines. I have no love for dirty bathrooms,  a strong distaste for smokers, and typically try to not have kids around scantily dressed women. Roller coasters are not my favorite.  Most of them make me feel horribly ill all day long.  Therefore, I am no fan of Six Flags Magic Mountain. Disneyland though...that is one reoccurring event I am happy to see on the youth calendar.

Have trouble finding your keys, much less your notes from last year's Spring Break trip?
So where are my notes and reminders for reoccurring events like Magic Mountain? How much did we charge? Where is the flyer? How horribly hot was it? Any ideas for how to do it better this time around? So do you have a notebook for that?  I have an Event notebook in Evernote and within it are a stack of notes for each re-occuring event we do each year in our youth ministry. Did your toddler rip apart your notes from last year? Did your computer hard drive crash because your church gave you a Dell instead of a Mac?
Did you even save the flyer from last year? If so, where?

     Evernote takes care of all of that. You can make notes on any device. I can jot down a reminder to bring barf bags and Dramamine next year and save it straight to Evernote from my phone. Everything syncs and saves from any device. Evernote allows me to search all my notes easily. I can simply type "Magic Mountain" in the search box and all those notes will pop right up. I can attach the Magic Mountain flyer straight to the note as well.  The share feature allows me to share this notebook with my staff, and they can collaborate and share their comments, ideas, and reminders for next year's event as well.

Didn't realize you are a project manager, huh? 
We do A LOT of project management and event planning in youth ministry and Evernote provides a great launching pad and place to organize it all. We have an annual Easter Eve service we do involving booking speakers, artists, ordering print pieces for publicity, etc... and if any emails are floating around my inbox trying to book someone, I can tag the email and send it to the corresponding folder in Evernote. Can't find the email? Just search Easter Eve in the Evernote search box, and the email pops right up.

You can actually remember those things you need to tell your staff!
Have a staff meeting? Did your supervisor just email you something she/he wants you to tell your team? Forward the email straight from Outlook into the corresponding Evernote notebook. I was just sent an email regarding our Halloween Outreach event next week, and I was easily able to forward it to my staff meeting notebook on Evernote. Now it's there for me to see while I lead our youth staff meeting this week.

Because Ads are Dumb
Another favorite is Evernote Clearly. Since you are visiting this blog, I am guessing you love reading blogs! Try Clearly from Evernote. It's an amazing blog reader add-on that cleans up blogs. This wonderful app does a great job removing annoying ads, distracting side bars, etc...and makes blog reading fun and simple. Sponsored blogs and ad-sense drive me crazy, and Clearly from Evernote cuts all the clutter out of the blogs.

Cool youth workers have Ipads
Love to write your notes with a pen? Then try Penultimate from Evernote. You can "write," draw, doodle, and have fun trying to stay awake during sermons or classes with this great app. When I am at meetings, I take pictures of handouts and use Penultimate to write on them. That way I can toss the papers and reduce paper clutter. It's a lot of fun and syncs to your Evernote too!

Do you have any favorite apps for productivity in youth ministry?


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