Easy Tri Tip Slow Cooker Dinner

Tri Tip on Sale + BBQ Sauce + Rootbeer

Today was really long. My Campus Life Club began at the local middle school. We had 46 kids show up, which was amazing and exhausting all at the same time. Knowing I wouldn't be home til late today, I put this easy tri-tip dinner in the slow cooker. I've posted this recipe before, but in case you missed it, here it is again. If you have a busy day of youth ministry and then come home to a hungry family to feed, your slow cooker is your friend.  This slab of tri tip was less than $10 on sale at my local Albertsons. This meal took me less than 60 seconds to get in my slow cooker this morning. I picked up some whole wheat hamburger buns while I was out buying candy for my campus club.

After we both got home from work, my hubby shredded the meat for me and we served it on the whole wheat buns. A low point meal when served with a side of steamed broccoli. We love sauce, so we added some extra Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce to the sandwiches too. If we were not dieting, I would have sent my hubby down the street a 1/2 of a block to get some fries from the philly cheese-steak shop. I love fries with BBQ beef sandwiches. I also love the too dangerously close to my front door philly cheese-steak shop, and I really like their big brown bag filled with steak cut fries! They always look at us funny when we order only fries to take home for a side dish. Sometimes I don't have 20 minutes to heat up the oven for frozen fries. Tonight we skipped fries and no one seemed to notice.  

Shredded BBQ Beef Sandwiches (Slow Cooker) 
2 1/2 or 3 lbs of Tri Tip Roast 
1 small bottle of BBQ Sauce
1 can or 12oz of Root Beer

Put all ingredients into slow cooker and cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 4. 
Shred the meat and serve on your favorite hamburger buns or Hoagie Rolls.

Optional: Add bbq sauce and cheese and serve with fries, coleslaw or your favorite veggies. 


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