What do you do when you work full time and have a sick child?

A tired baby falling asleep with her toys an hour before nap time.  

Every working mom out there can relate to this one. After getting waken up by a bouncing, wide-eyed and ready to wake up for the day baby at 3am, calling through the baby monitor, I shuffled my feet towards the girls room.  Groggy, my hair a mess, and waking up from a dream about work, I pick her up from her crib. Baby Julia shares a very pink princess themed room with big sister Jenna. So when baby comes calling through the airwaves, I am quick to jump out of bed before she wakes big sister up. We head to my room where I attempt to nurse/snuggle/nurse and hopefully fall back to sleep with a 20 pound baby stretched between my husband and I. This works for a bit, until my now mobile baby attempts to stand up and bounce on my mattress.

With a loud, awake, wiggly baby, I head down stairs and try to get her to sleep in her pack-n-play as I drag a pillow and blanket to the sofa for me to sleep near by. Nope, she shrieks every time I set her down. Pick up shrieking baby and try my nurse/snuggle/nurse routine with her nuzzled on me on our big brown sofa. We both fall asleep for a half hour until she starts playing with my...well lets just say milk dispenser, while standing up on the sofa. To make a long story short...it was a long night!

Eventually both mama and baby fell asleep. I think a 6oz bottle of milk from the fridge was involved. I was desperate and did the no-no of sticking her back in the pack-n-play with a bottle of milk in her mouth. For a moment I imagine her with all metal caps on her teeth by the time she is 3 from this, and shrug my shoulders. My pediatrician has scary pictures in his office of babies with tooth decay from going to bed with a bottle.

After a long night with a too-awake baby, I wake up to my 7 year old blond haired, blue eyed beauty begging to stay home from school today. "I feel like I am going to throw up."  I reply,  "you are just tired, please try to go to school."  I remind her it's picture day and her hair is looking good.  I begin to secretly panic as I think about MY day. Yes... it's youth group day! It's Wednesday. Staff meeting day, big fall outreach youth event tonight, big fat busy day. "Please, please, try to go to school and if you are really sick, I can come pick you up."  Nope. That did not work. Tears start to flow from her sweet face and I grab the thermometer to see how sick she really is.
I guess she really is sick. 

What does a working mama do
when one of the kids is sick? 
Dang. A fever. She really is sick. Oh what is a working mama to do? I turn to my husband who is eating a bowl of cereal before he heads out the door. "What is the earliest you can be home?" He is a teacher and sometimes, in a pinch he can get out early if he doesn't have an afternoon class. He reminds me he has flag football today (he is the coach) and it's their first game after school. "6pm" he replies. Oh. Great. That sucks.
So today...the busiest day ever with one sick 7 year old, a tired baby that needs to get to the sitter and a 10 year old boy who needs to get picked up from school at the exact time of my meeting are all in the mix today. With no help. Not yet anyways.

I dial my usual back ups...my mom and my grandma. My Grandma is no where to be found. Eventually she calls me back from the DMV. She has been there all morning and can't leave. I hang up the phone and start to feel overwhelmed. Questioning this whole working full time thing. My mom is at work and can't get here til 5pm. I decide to work from home for as long as I can, and then bring the baby over to the babysitter. My good neighbor friend watches her 3 days a week. The current plan is to drag my poor little feverish girl to my office and let her sleep on my black leather sofa.

Once I arrive at my sitters house with baby Julia in tow, we start chatting about her mother in law who has had a fever for several days. I tell her that Jenna has a fever and is home from school with me. I get a little teary eyed with the whole stress of everything weighing down on my shoulders. Feeling guilty for not being able to stay home. Well, being the awesome neighbor friend she is, she offered to keep Jenna too. My mom came over after work and watched the kids until my husband got home. Crisis averted and all is well in the world.

A fantastic outreach event with BFC  (Boarders for Chrst) 
Youth group happened and we had a fantastic outreach event! A few un-churched boys from my campus club attended. They ran up to me and said, "Hi miss Gina, we came!"  and there was a good response to the gospel invitation. Being a mom in full time youth ministry definitely has it's tough days, but somehow it all works out.


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