Not a fat woman in youth ministry...well trying!

My handy dandy Weight Watcher Point Tracker
Mounted to my fridge via Belkin Fridge Ipad Mount
Tim and I started Weight Watchers online to lose our Julia "baby weight" in January...we did really well and then took a vacation from our Weight Watcher plan all summer long...enjoying ice cream, fair food, and laziness from tracking points! Thankfully we were pretty active all summer long, especially with the kids and youth group. So not too much damage done.  In my quest to avoid the chunky youth leader syndrome and my need for accountability, I ditched the online Weight Watcher plan.  I have opted to fork over a few extra dollars and signed up for Weight Watcher's Monthly Pass. I need accountability, and a weekly commitment to step on a scale in front of a stranger. There is just something magical  down right biblical about not giving up meeting together. Meeting in a group setting with a common goal, with a ww meeting leader who has been there and conquered their weight loss goal works. It just does. 

Here is an update on my weight loss. Keep in mind that I am a shortie...so my weight may seem insignificant to many, but it is a huge deal to me! I really do struggle with food. Trust me...every pound goes straight to my chubby cheeks and I have 15-20 pounds to go! I have a staff meeting and youth group tonight, so I need to avoid the junk food and make Subway my youth group night friend! 

January 2012 
March 2012
August 2012
September 6, 2012

Total Lost In 2012 so far

Goal weight is...
133 (20 pound loss) 


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