Simple Ways to Encourage Volunteers

Wanna thank your youth ministry volunteers for going the EXTRA mile or for being EXTRA awesome? Well here is a fun idea! Head to your local Target or Walmart for several 3 packs of Extra Gum. Do not buy the gum by the check out line silly! It costs more to buy individually so buy in bulk, ok? Sit down and jot sticky notes to all your volunteers and tell them how EXTRA special they are! We started our Middle School Small Group launch last week and each youth volunteer got one of these in their inbox. We have a giant cupboard in our youth room with "inboxes" for each small group. The small group leaders check these inboxes weekly for their small group rosters, updated roll sheets and other notes and reminders from me. I try to put fun treats in there too! Especially on a kick off night. Just a quick and easy way to encourage your staff.


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