Sticky Fingers and Crayola on My Bible.

There she goes, trying to touch our TV with her little fingers.
Can you see all the handprints?  
     At a pre-school rummage sale years ago, I found these black chalkboards with pretty white wood frames. When hung up on the wall, a passerby sometimes mistakes them for a flat screen TV. Well, we may certainly be a family of techy geeks, but we are not THAT in love with technology that we would hang a flat screen tv in the stair well by the garage. We have a three level row home, of which I have always dreamed since our honeymoon in '98 to San Francisco.  I love row homes, I've cried over not owning a home at all (Yes, I am a brat!) but in 2009, when it did not seem remotely possible we became home owners. Of not just a home, but a row home. Our 3 story home has a garage at the very bottom and the stair way down to the garage, has no shortage of little feet going up and down it.

     One of the things that is important for me to display in our home, day in and day out, is God's word. Not just to look cool or display on Pinterest, but for my family to read and see as they enter and exit our home. That is why I hung this chalkboard on the wall near the door into our home from the garage. I used some white chalk to write this passage from Hebrews on it. Hebrews 13:15 stood out to me from our pastor's last teaching series.  A daily reminder for this family to continue to praise God with our lips, do good, and share with others. A practical verse we can all put into action as soon as we step in or out of our family home.

     Another way to show the priority of God's Word, is to be proactive in leaving the Word of God in accessible places. When you are doing Bible Study or simply having a few minutes to yourself with the Bible and a cup of coffee, let your children see you in His Word. Leave your Bible laying on the breakfast table. Leave it on the chair downstairs. Let them color in your Bible. Don't hide it or shelve it from them. The Word of God should be visible in your home, like your big screen tv.  Your Bible, like your flatscreen, should have lots of little hand prints all over it.  Our tv certainly does.

     My ipad, our big screen tv, and our personal computers all have kid prints and smudges from sticky fingers. They touch what we touch. They love what we love. They see what we see. Is God's word as prominent, as accessible, and as covered in children's fingerprints as your electronics?

My daughter marking up her Bible with colored pencils and sticky notes
just like mom. 


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