Weight Watchers at Disneyland

Mickey Mouse head from Boudin Bakery= 2 points per oz
Picked the kids up from 1/2 day Friday at school and headed up to Anaheim. I spent a wonderful day at Disneyland with my 2 school aged kiddos celebrating my birthday! I am so thankful to my husband for watching the baby so I could enjoy Disneyland without a stroller. I am in week #2 of getting back on plan with my Weight Watchers. So how on earth did I manage my diet, enjoy a birthday AND stay on plan? Here are my Disney tips...
1) Bring a water bottle. I brought a re-fill-able water bottle with me. You can ask at any restaurant for a re-fill and they will happily provide free iced water to fill up your water bottle with. You can also stop by the Baby Care center and ask to fill up your water bottle. Get your water! 
2) I saved points from my weekly remaining point bank for treats.
3) Acquire those activity points! 
4) Track your points for food as best as you can. 
5) Bring some low point snacks with you. Disneyland lets you bring in food, at least I've never been told I could not.  

We are a gadget loving family and I recently bought the new Active Link from Weight Watchers for my hubby and I. We use it to make activity tracking so much fun! It is a small device you wear and it tracks ALL your movement. You can look at the chart below from my Active Link to see what a half day at Disneyland looks like. You can see in the bottom left corner that I earned 9 activity points from a 1/2 day of walking through Disneyland.  
A 1/2 Day At Disneyland on my Active Link monitor from Weight Watchers
What an Active Link looks like. It lights up
after you hit your activity goal for the day. 

Oh what did I eat you ask? Here is what I ate today

  • Fruit (0) and blueberry muffins(8) with some fellow youth worker mommy friends, picked the kids up  from school after that.  
  •  Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (7)  w/fat free milk for lunch courtesy of B-Day Sbux swag (hey I was driving and needed an easy one handed lunch!) and whip cream (4) It was lunch in a cup people! 
  • At Disneyland had Chineese for dinner (10) over at California Adventure at the Lucky Fortune. Yum! with a large diet coke. 
  • Snacked on some carrot sticks for a snack (0) 
  • Munched on some mickey bread (4 points for 2 oz)  with my kids. 
  • Drive through Krispy Creme donut holes (7) and coffee (0) for the ride home. Needed to stay awake and have some birthday cake like treat. 
  • Was hungry when I arrived home and enjoyed a bowl of leftover fruit from breakfast (0) 
Disneyland day damaged: 40 points (my daily target is 33 since I am still nursing)
-7  from activity points= 2 unused points! 
Yay me!


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