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Samsung 5 550 wifi Chromebook
 (with a skin from Decal Girl on it) 
     As a family of technology geeks, we keep up to date on the latest and greatest.  For years we have been loyal Apple product fans. When the Ipad 2 came out, I sat my pregnant self on a purple bean bag chair in the Target electronics department for 6 hours to snag one for myself, and one for my hubby (spending our tax refund).  So it's strange to admit I bought not one, but TWO Google Chromebooks. I have gone Chromebook crazy!
      My husband teaches at a very tech savvy and forward thinking school here in Southern California. The school he works at sent him home this past summer with a Samsung Chromebook Series 5 to test out. I fell IN LOVE! I constantly used it for blogging, email, menu planning, Facebook, work, and online shopping. His school now uses Chromebooks for the classroom. Instead of an outdated computer lab, each campus has a class set of Chromebooks to check out. Our kiddos attend the same school where he teaches and they love their computer time at school with Chromebooks. My ten year old is a pro on Google docs.
     Needless to say, after using my hubby's Chromebook all summer, I could not part with it.  I ordered myself the Chromebook 5 550 WiFi version as soon as he went back to school with his Chromebook. Thankfully my birthday is in September so that helped justify the then $450 price tag.  The long battery life, fast start-up and portable size dazzled me. It is also extremely quiet without a fan or disk drive. I began to use it much more than my ipad and more often than our Mac Book Pro.
We are a family of technology geeks! 

     After getting the Samsung 5 550 wifi Chromebook, I was immediately pleased at how after turning it on, selecting our WiFi network and password that we were ready to roll! I opened the box from Amazon and in less than 2 minutes we were on. My kids can log right into their school Google account. My 10 year old son has his own school gmail email address and password and can log into my Chromebook with it and work on his schoolwork. All his school administrated settings are saved (giving him a safe web experience at home) and he can access his Google docs files, e-mail his teacher, and get his school homework assignments.

     With Google docs and cloud based services like Picmonkey, Animoto, Edmoto, Slide Rocket, prezi's, Evernote, Basecamp, etc...we really can use this computer for almost everything. I however cannot sync my Weight Watcher's Active link on it (I use my husband's mac for that). The only thing I really miss is Itunes and the ability to load my ipod with music from my Itunes library. With a Chromebook, my kids have easy access to a computer we can afford! Instead of one expensive Macbook Pro for a family of 5 to share, we can instead have several Chromebooks we can all use for school, work, and fun. No waiting in line for your turn to do homework. I set up bookmark folders in the Chrome web browser tool bar with all the kids "approved" websites, and no matter which Chromebook they are on, they can access "their" stuff. I am a fan. In an age where we are de-cluttering our life, the simplicity of cloud based computing is awesome.
My favorite Composition book!
Chromebook with Skin from Decal Girl

     The new $249 Chromebook is priced cheaper than a new Apple Itouch and less than an Ipad mini.  At that price I just ordered one for our house. $249 means Chromebook is really for everyone! I am happy to have one more in the house and daily checking Amazon to see when my pre-order ships. Check it out here:


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