Guess who made it to the NYWC?

     Thanks to a super friend in youth ministry and God giving me exactly what I need....guess where I am? Here I am at my favorite place to recharge for youth ministry.  The National Youth Workers Convention. I ran into some old friends at lunch. I was pushing my pal Christina's baby in her stroller from the convention center to Fashion Valley while she was prepping for her Family Room Time. As we walked across from the convention center I immediately noticed my favorite band in front of me! I didn't want to be an annoying fan and bug them, so I wimped out and let them be.  I immediately kicked myself! SOOOO mad at myself for not at least begging asking for a picture. I ran into them again as they were sipping on sodas and waiting for their baja fresh at Rubio's in Fashion Valley. This time I got gutsy and asked them for a pic. They were super nice and I got my picture! It made my freakin day! So awesome!!!!! I made extra sure to not call them the David Crowder Band. "Hey you guys are The Digital Age!" They seemed to like that.

Here at the National Youth Workers Convention!
The Digital Age formerly known as the David Crowder Band


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