Sewing on girl scout patches at midnight.

     Ok it wasn't midnight, but it felt like it. Going to bed way too late with too much on the to-do list. Today our youth staff went to a conference at Saddleback church on speaking to teenagers. I was up late last night getting my family ready for my 11 hour day away from them. I overheard the guy youth pastors on our team talking about tv shows they watched after youth group last night. I was thinking, yeah I wish. I came home after youth group to pack back-backs, feed the dog, wash baby bottles, find money for the school snack sale, put together long over-due 3 day emergency food packs before I get another email reminder from my kids teachers to turn it in. Thursday is Girl Scout day so I stayed up extra late to sew  how about fabric glue on my daughter's patches and do my son's Awana patch while I was at it. All things my kids have been begging me to finish for them. Nope, no TV for me last night. Sometimes I get to enjoy after youth group TV time, but not lately.
Today at Speaking To Teenagers Seminar with Doug Fields and
Duffy Robbins. 

     When you are overstressed and underslept, what is a girl to do? I came home today from a fun, but really long day and my husband was more than ready to hand the baby over to me. As my stomach growled with the need for an overdue meal, I asked him to hold her a bit longer so I could eat something. My rosy cheeked baby girl was super clingy tonight and setting her down was not an option. The evening began to unravel before my very eyes. My dear sweet hubby was experiencing a less than superstar moment and said "since you were away playing all day, I thought you would help with the kids." I wanted to find some dinner  at ninja speed so I could throw it at his head, but I was too hungry. Can a mom even have time for dinner? Apparently not before feeding a baby, helping with homework and putting kids to bed if my husband had his way tonight. He came to his senses, apologized and let me eat.

     Some days are better than others. It can be hard to be super mom, make a tired husband happy who has been on his own getting 3 kids from place to place all day and getting kids caught up on school work that only mom seems to keep track off. Two tired and grumpy parents needing time to re-calibrate our attitudes. I am never fun and sweet when I am tired. The very reason my mom banned me from sleepovers when I was a kid. I turned into a monster the next day.  My dear hubby and I barely made it through the night without a huge fight. Once the kids were in bed and the TV was busy distracting us, all was well again. Fight diverted. I would love to sound all spiritual and say we sat on the porch reading our Bibles, but no it was TV which let us truly unwind. At least it worked for tonight. Well the baby is still clingy from mama being gone too much. She has been nursing at my breast for almost 2 hours, but the cuddle time with her is priceless. We all, baby included, needed down time.

     For my husband and I, a little time in a tv induced coma after a 24 hour whirlwind of youth ministry, school, and family needs colliding into a long list of way too much to do was a necessary evil. I'd like to say the night was awesome after TV and bed, but I think the baby is sick. She clung to me on the downstairs sofa til 3:30am at which time I set her in her bed with a comforting bottle. My boobs were done being the human pacifier. Just when I finally changed into my PJ's at the crack of 3:35am I remembered the kids school clothes were in the wash and they needed to be in the dryer so they could attend school clothed in the morning.  Apparently sending kids to school in their pj's does not fly. After a bit of laundry, this girl went to bed. Finally. What do you do when your home-work-laundry and sick baby life collide into one big mess? You get up the next morning and enjoy a huge cup of coffee...which leads to another blog post later about how I ditched my Keurig, for Mr. Coffee, after 3 glorious years with it.
My big cup of coffee, 2 weight watcher point plus vita muffin top.  


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