Yo! Not a Fat Youth leader loves this

YoNanas! Crazy Good! 
    So, I have been doing Weight Watchers to keep me on track with my weight.. A necessary  tool  helping me avoid the whole unhealthy youth leader epidemic. Do you know how hard it is to stay healthy when surrounded by middle schoolers and the junk food they adore? On Sunday morning the average breakfast consumed in our youth room are donuts washed down with a Mountain Dew.  I giggle when asking them to pay attention. It's like asking them to do algebra at Disneyland. As for my own battle with food, it's a difficult task. Depending on a number of factors, I've been doing Weight Watchers successfully and disastrously. Only my clothes can tell. One thing I have learned and loved from my weekly Weight Watcher meetings is YONANAS. The best Weight Watcher tips always come from meetings.
     All I can say is WOW. My family and I adore this machine. This genius piece of machinery takes our old, over ripe, almost mush bananas (that we freeze) and turns them into the most delicious almost ice cream ever. I added a Reese's peanut butter cup acquired from Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland to my daughter's Yonana's  yesterday after church and she loved it. Two bananas plus one Reese's peanut butter cup is a pretty almost healthy dessert treat. For me, I add 2 frozen bananas (zero points plus) and 1 dark chocolate Ghiradelli square (1 points plus) into the machine and a creamy decadent dessert emerges that is all mine.
     As for Mickey's Halloween Party, I managed to stay on plan due to 1) large amounts of walking and 2) healthy treat options. Thank you Disneyland for offering apple slices, carrots sticks and other healthy treats on the Treat Trails. We did bring home 5 pounds of candy (with only 2 of us attending the Halloween party!) and gave a bunch away last night as we "Booed" some friends with our kids for fun last night. Have you done Booing yet as a Halloween tradition? As a youth leader, one of my goals is to be as fun for my own kids as I am for everyone else's. Booing helps me to accomplish that. We load up in our Ford Escape armed with treat bags and door bell ditch their friends, leaving treats on their door. Each kid gets to pick one friend to Boo. Here is a super cute you've been BOOED template for you to try next time. We had a blast!  

Weight Watchers at Mickey's Halloween Party?


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