Youth Leaders Need More Than One K-Cup of Coffee

     Standing at Costco with my baby in the shopping cart, and about to put a $30 box of K-cups into my cart. I did a quick calculation in my head. The thought of spending $30 for K-Cups began to disturb me. About 3 years ago, I bought the Keurig and absolutely love it. Other than exchanging it count...4 times at Costco because it breaks a-lot, I've so enjoyed this machine! That was back when I was the only coffee drinker in the family and tired of all the hassle of brewing a cup of coffee just for me. Once my husband got back into drinking coffee not only in the morning, but also brewing coffee in the afternoon over ice for an iced coffee pick-me-up. I was counting a minimum of 4 K-cups a day between us. I like strong coffee, so I use the setting on the Keurig with the least amount of water giving me a very small cup of coffee. At .37 cents a K-Cup (if you get the cheaper blend and not the Starbucks one) we are spending at least $1.50 between us on coffee per day. I did also try the "My K-Cup Filter" with my own coffee, but I would have to fill it at least 2 times each day, wash, it out and refill it again. Too much trouble. My husband didn't even bother, he was too busy and would just go without.

     I did something horrible. I made my husband return the Keurig (again) and armed with over a $100 in pretty green cash due to Costco's return policy, we got this $29.00 Mr. Coffee. I purchased a giant bag of Starbucks coffee beans for $20. For $50 out the door, we had extra cash for dinner and lunch the next day. Thank you Costco returns. We wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee with the handy timer on the Mr. Coffee machine.  I get more than a tiny 6oz cup of coffee...I can actually FILL my cute Halloween pumpkin mug FULL without 3 K-Cups to do so. The Keurig served me well for 3 years and I do miss the easy clean up. I now have to wash a coffee pot and dump out the used grounds again. Every stinking day.  I forgot how annoying that is. But we are saving $$ and able to stick the extra coffee in the fridge for iced coffee too. 
Instead of $30 for a box of K-Cups I bought a $30 Mr. Coffee

    I was wondering... How much am I spending per cup of coffee when purchasing 2.5 pounds of Starbucks French Roast ($19) at Costco? According to Marc at MakeGoodCoffee.com  There are about 91 tablespoons per pound of coffee. If my math is correct my 2.5 pound of coffee beans will make about 110 cups of coffee (since it's whole bean and not yet ground). At $19 that gives me a cup of coffee at about 6 cents per cup. You do the math...6 cents a cup or 37 cents a cup. I am not a rich youth leader and these are hard times on our family budget. Our cost of living has gone up 20 percent since having a baby, not including the rise in grocery, gas, and health care prices. Unfortunately our salaries have not kept up.  So goodbye Keurig! I will not lie...I still have my mini brewer in the office for emergencies. 
6 cents a cup or 37 cents a k-cup? 


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