Boo! A lesson in scary obedience

     Last week, before Halloween, in a quest to be as creative and fun at home as we both are at work, my husband and I took the kids "Booing."  They each picked a friend to surprise and secretly leave a bag of goodies at their doorstep. An exercise in sneakiness.  We load our kiddos up in our Ford Escape armed with treat bags and door bell ditch their friends, leaving treats at their door.  The kids are supposed to be stealthy ninjas and run up to the front door, leave the bag of treats with a "You've Been Booed" sign, ring the doorbell and run.  They were all giggles and nerves as we approached our first stop. Both a bit anxious yet excited at the thrill and fun of "Booing." 

     What they didn't know is that I had already sent a text message to their friends moms so they knew we were coming. I gave each mom a heads up by informing them our kids are "secretly" leaving something at their front door, and for them to pretend to not notice.  I wanted our kids to have a successful secret ninja experience. A guaranteed win. At our first stop, we all hid around the corner in our vehicle while we waited for the family to return inside their home after rolling out their garbage cans for trash pick-up day.  Giggles, and hushes roared through our car as we waited.

     We pulled up slowly in front of the house, with our headlights turned off. The kids quietly got out of the car and started stepping through the yard to the front door. Worried that they were going to get caught, they kept running back to the car. Wondering if they should wait. "Mom, should I take my shoes off so they can't hear my flip flops?" asked my son. I smiled at him and replied,  "No honey, just run up, ring the door bell and run back. It will be fine."  They tried again, this time hearing the dog bark, and they ran back to me at the car. Again I said, "Trust me, run up ring the door bell and come back. It will be fine."  Josh sneaked through the yard, followed closely by Jenna who had the treat bag in her hand. Seeing someone walk by the front windows, they both ran back to the car. I urged them to press on. "It will be fine, trust me."  This time they ran full speed ahead, dropped the bag on the door mat, rang the bell and hurried back to the car. They jumped in and my husband pushed the pedal to the metal and we were off like criminals fleeing a crime scene. It was really fun! 

     A similar scene occurred at the next house. The kids were wondering if they were going to be successful again. Previous to my text message, the boys in the home were all in the front room watching a movie. Sitting right by the door. With the heads up I gave her, the awesome mommy of the home had the boys move to the back room to watch their movie. Again, guaranteed victory. As I watched the kids tip toe through the front gate to the front door, it dawned on me. Scary obedience. God has it all figured out.  He knows our victories  and trials ahead of time.  "Trust me" he beckons as we nervously look to Him. Like anxious children looking back at our parents for a "it's-going-to-be-ok-thumbs-up."  Faith is moving forward, even when we don't know the end result. A reminder from Romans 8:28. God has it all worked out already, so obedience doesn't have to be scary at all. Trust Him. 

                  Here is a super cute you've been BOOED template for you to try next time.


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