Fun Ways to Share the Nativity Story at Christmas

My littlest love! 

     If you have not check out this post from whyismarko on the 42 worst nativity sets, you must. It's hilarious. I wanted to take a moment to share our favorite nativity set EVER! It's the Fisher Price Nativity Set. I love this set so much! Our little ones love playing with it and it sits prominently in our living room, low enough for a toddler to reach and enjoy all Christmas season. We've had this set for years, and somehow still have all the little people pieces too. I look forward to saving this for future grandkids some day as well.  It's one of those things you save for the long haul. It's made every move and been here for each of my little ones. Christmas morning, the kids can play with it as we read the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2.

     Another fun Christmas tradition for youth group parties or for your own kiddos, is the Left-Right-
Game. Read the nativity story edition of the Left-Right-Game and whatever gift you are holding at the end of of the story, is yours to keep. We played this with the cousins on Christmas Eve and it was a blast! At my Campus Life club Christmas party this year, I will be reading this story and passing around boxes of Twinkies! I bought 20 boxes of Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs the end of October for my Campus Life club at a local middle school, prior to knowing Hostess was going under. We have 3 boxes left, which I intend to wrap and pass around for the Left-Right-Nativity Story Game at club next week.
What are your favorite ways of sharing the Christmas Story? 


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