Giving family first dibs, not youth group left overs

Surprise! Christmas Treats for My Family
We love Muddy Buddies 

     Working on Christmas treats for my co-workers last night, the entire kitchen counter top is covered in wax paper, Chex cereal, melted chocolate, and sprinkles of silky soft powdered sugar everywhere. Looking up from my work,  I notice a gathering of people standing before me. Three warm, smiling, beautiful faces peeking at me over the mess of sugar and chocolate. My spellbound family, all drawn to the kitchen by the magical scent of  melted chocolate and peanut butter looming in the air.  Usually I would let them taste just one little nibble and send them on their way. A typical response might have been..."These are for work, not for you, so take one little taste and move out of the kitchen please."
     Over the years in youth ministry and reminded by recent events of  tragic loss, I've learned to treasure the moments. To put my family first, because we never know how long we have them for. My family gets the best of mom, not the leftovers. I've heard veteran youth worker Doug Fields, on more than one occasion, say that his kids get "front of the line" access to him, and he encouraged us youth workers to do the same with our families. Our families have to share us with so many other church families and kids, that it is essential for them to know they are truly our FIRST priority.
     My husband and kids are giddy with excitement as they begin to lick bowls, spoons, and help themselves to generous handfuls of chocolate covered yummyness! When I notice they are eating too much for me to also have enough for my co-workers, I get out another box of Chex cereal and make a second batch of Muddy Buddies. With kid size chocolate prints all over the kitchen counter and sink, and the dog licking powdered sugar off the floor, I eventually kick them out of the kitchen. Soon after, my 11 year old son comes over to me, looks me in the eyes and flashes me his big smile, with now chocolate covered braces, sweetly asking, "Mom do you think you can buy more cereal and chocolate and make some more for us?" I smile and tell him that is all I have.
     After they went to bed,  I surprise them and make MY FAMILY goody boxes. Filling cute little Christmas boxes with Chex Muddy Buddies, and labeling each one with their names. Placing  treat boxes in the fridge for them to find this morning.  After driving the kids to school, I stop at Fresh & Easy to pick up 2 dozen of my favorite pumpkin cookies. Seriously the BEST pumpkin cookies ever. I buy one box every time I am in there. Shhh! Don't tell them I didn't make the cookies!  I distribute the cookies into festive Christmas chinese style boxes and label them for my co-workers. Muddy Buddies stay home and my favorite bakery cookies are now sitting on my desk for my youth ministry co-workers. Well ONE will get muddy buddies. Can you guess which one?
Gifts for Youth Ministry Co-Workers



  1. Sorry Scott you were on vacation! I am never ready for Christmas before you head out.


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