Picking a family calendar to keep you organized

An easy month at a glance wall calendar 
     It's that time of year again. Time to hit up Office Depot and pick up a brand spankin new calendar! Yes, even though I use a digital calendar most often, I get excited and downright giddy when it's time to buy a new wall calendar. I love having a bright, shiny, new calendar...so full of promise!  Colorful pens and stickers are at my beckon call as I begin to fill in the daily details of a busy family of 5. We definitely prefer digital around here, but you should not underestimate the importance of having a central calendar everyone can see and write on. My favorite wall calendar is the Do It All Mom wall calendar by Orange Circle Studio (just found it at Target for $9.95).  It's colorful, has trendy graphics, fits nicely on the wall and has five rows per week for tracking the weekly activities of everyone in my family. The extra large grid is just the right size. Not too small. Not too big. With everything in one spot, the kids and hubby can see what's coming up each week.

     Have birthday invites and wedding RSVP cards to send back? The large pocket on the calendar is my favorite spot to put those.  I just love this calendar. I use it mostly for the kids. They seem to be the ones who are always asking "what are we doing tomorrow?"  With a wall calendar, they can see when Girl Scouts, Awana, or orthodontist appointments are. The kindergartner in me loves the stickers! Appointments, birthday parties, field trips, and date nights seem much more promising when a sticker is involved, right?
The kids use their Google accounts to log in to their Chromebooks 
     Each of us has a Google account, including the kiddos (well not the baby yet!) which also means we ALL have a Google calendar. When the kids log in to their Google account on their Chromebooks, they can see our shared calendars. Giving everyone a Google account (through Gmail) is an easy way for me to have EVERYTHING on my computer, phone, and Ipad calendar. This is where the youth ministry calendar also lives. I put every single youth event into my Google calendar. Through shared calendar features, the entire family can view my youth ministry schedule. Chromebooks rock, but honestly, Apple products reign supreme for ease of adding multiple Google accounts to. Especially for the purpose of viewing accounts simultaneously. That being said, the Ipad proves to be the best calendar when it comes to viewing multiple Google calendars all at one time.  I love my Ipad calendar!  

The Ipad is my overall favorite device for viewing everyone's shared calendars. 
     If you are picking a calendar for your family to share, I highly recommend one central wall calendar, especially if you have little kids who love to look and see what's going on.  As the kids get older and more tech savvy, make Google accounts for everyone to use and share schedules via Google Calendar.  A brand new ipad mini wouldn't hurt either. (-; As 2012 comes to a close and you begin to search for new wall calendars, or contemplate going all digital in 2013, what calendars are you considering? What's worked so far? What do you hope to try next? 


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