Pushing Past the Post-Christmas Blues

     I am a grumpy goose and my poor husband knows it.  He angelically leaves the house to get the car prepped for a trip to Big Bear and I am grumpy that he isn't home in his pj's with me. If he doesn't buy snow chains and get the car ready, than I will be even more grumpy about that too. The poor man can't win. I am suffering from a major post-Christmas funk. When the house is a wreck from all the Christmas festivities, the waist line a little thicker from too many Christmas cookies, your days off and bank balance are dwindling down to almost none, and good friends you barely ever see are about to exit town and get back to their homes, how do you stay joyful? I ALWAYS struggle with post Christmas blues. I love the anticipation of Christmas. I love the few days after Christmas where we all stay in pj's and have a blast playing with all the Christmas swag. How I love those Christmas vacation days where we can venture downtown to the Children's museum with good friends and lazily eat dinner seaside. No where to be and nothing to plan or prep for. Even though I love my job, it's still difficult to see the vacation days begin to end . Soon to be heading back to office hours, campus clubs, and big ministry events to prep for.
     This annual post Christmas funk, which turns me into an impossible to live with monster, necessitates a plan.  I have a plan to conquer the ugliness of me post-Christmas. Here it is.  

1) Stop staying up so late. That will solve a huge percentage of my grumpy problems. No amount of sleeping in can make up for the grumpiness which accumulates from staying up too late. If I sleep in, I wake up feeling guilty about sleeping in and my day starts late.  I feel behind from the moment I wake up and the grumpy Gina cycle sees no end. 

2) Return to the plan.  One day back on Weight Watchers = immediate results on the scale. This always puts me in a good mood. Eating healthy and saying no to endless amounts of sweets really helps conquer the blues too! 

3) Dance it up  Hitting the gym is always a mood booster and helps with the Christmas weight gain. Thanks to Jazzercise, I only gained 3 pounds from Christmas. I know it would have been worse if I did not exercise. 

4) Flylady to the rescue. There really is something magical about waking up in the morning to a clean kitchen. With friends over playing cards til late and a lot of time at home cooking, the kitchen is a mess. Waking up to a clean kitchen will reduce a lot of my morning stress. It's time to return to Flylady! Following her routines helps to get my house back on track after the holidays have seriously trashed it. 

A new box of pens to start the year 'write' 

A new Taylor Swift desk calendar for work
 and a Do-it-all Mom calendar for home. 
5) Enjoy a brand spankin new calendar.  There is something fun about sitting down with a new calendar and new box of pens that makes the end of December a little more fun! Even in the digital age, make sure to have a calendar at both work and home that you can enjoy. Something you can mark up with fun pens and proudly display. When your favorite time of year comes to an end, you can mark up a calendar and be reminded of all the fun yet to come! 

6) Fun mail! Subscribe (if you have a few extra dollars post Christmas) to something you love and can look forward to. Perhaps it's one pair of shoes and a handbag a month with Just Fab or a scrapbooking kit of the month subscription. Even something like Game Fly or Netflix can create a fun mail buzz for you! When you anticipate something other than bills arriving in your mailbox, don't you just get an extra swing in your step as you walk to pick up the mail? 

My awesome husband got me a Just Fab subscription for Christmas!

7) Time out. Feeling stressed, sad that your days off are almost over? Uneasy about holiday traveling? Take time away with the Creator. On the clock or off, escape to a quiet place filled with beauty and calm (the beach for me!) and reconnect with God. Surrender your selfishness, your stress, your complicated family relationships, the sadness of faded friendships, financial stress, messy kitchens, all those things the holiday season stirs up within us and release to Jesus. Give other people the benefit of the doubt. Love. Serve. Follow Jesus. It's not all about me anyways. It is HIS birthday after all, and not something to be grumpy about. 
Words to Remember from Hebrews 13:15
When My Post Christmas Grumpiness Sets in 



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