The Hot Chocolate Gospel

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     This week at my Campus Life club, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with 60 public school kiddos who came to our Christmas Party. We were giving out Twinkies, so that definitely drew a crowd of middle schoolers! With 60 kids crammed into a wood shop room, we do what I call "VBS" style. The students are divided into 3 groups and rotate from snacks, games, and a lesson time in 15 minute increments. The only challenge for me was trying to figure out how to adequately share the gospel in 15 minutes and then be ready to do it 2 more times. 
     Sitting on a shelf in my church office, was this little gem my own kids brought home last year from their children's church program. Seriously, our kids ministry team consists of the most creative people on the planet! What is this little gem? It is called the "Hot Chocolate Gospel." I am not sure who originally came up with the idea, but it is a wonderful object lesson. As I began to prep my talk for the Christmas party, I went to my friend "Google"  to find the "Hot Chocolate Gospel." It wasn't anywhere to be found. I went to our church website and looked for the video our Children's ministry team had created to explain it, but it wasn't there either. Then I stood up from my office chair, walked over to my mini-Keurig and remembered that I had stolen my kid's "Hot Chocolate Gospel" to keep as a sample. It was on my office shelf the entire time sitting next to a jar of K-Cups. 
     The Hot Chocolate Gospel, is a simple object lesson to illustrate sin and the forgiveness found in Christ Jesus. I used this object lesson as a clear and creative way to share the gospel with middle school students.  I added my own stories to illustrate the scripture. 10 students asked to receive Christ! Pretty cool! Christmas is such a great time to share the truth of the gospel. Kids are so much more receptive to hearing about the Christ of Christmas. What are your favorite object lessons to use in sharing the gospel? 


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