The toll of working full time

     December has me wiped out and it's only the half way mark. This past week, I had 6 Christmas parties and an event every single day for 7 days in a row. Even my day "off" had an event. It was a delicious $25 fancy brunch paid for by our awesome CE Pastor with the best co-workers ever.  Worth it (absolutely!!), and tons of fun, but out $40 in babysitting money and a messy kitchen still yet to be cleaned. Still trying to figure out how to budget for childcare expenses. Balancing a full time job with being a mom, can be challenging in the holiday season.  
     It's a busy weekend and had to miss my nephew's 1st birthday party today so I can sleep and get healthy to teach at youth group tomorrow. Tomorrow's two youth services will be followed by another Christmas party I get to lead for our youth group student leadership team. Fun but SO exhausted. All I want for Christmas is nothing! Nothing to attend, no where to go, not a thing to do. Nothing. Would love a lazy week at home to recuperate and enjoy my little ones. How is December treating you? How much is too much and what (or who) pays the price when busyness takes over? Currently my house (and my health) is paying the price. I need a maid to keep up this messy house. 
     Time to take some Dayquil, pack the diaper bag and head to church.  Having two back to back Sunday morning youth services, means the staff attends Saturday night church for our own "worship" time in the big house. So off I go, even though all I want to do is head back to bed and hide. I guarantee though, that when I return home from church, I will be refreshed. Just need to make it there! Time to round up the kiddos and spend another night out of the house. At least dinner is in the slow cooker and we can come to a yummy dinner after church tonight. How has your December been? 


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