When your mom is a youth worker...

     When your mom is a youth worker...you get foam finger rockets for Christmas! You WISH I was your mom, huh? Yup, that is how we roll around here. Finger rockets and goggles will be under our Christmas tree. Who do you think will cry first? My husband and I are betting someone will end up crying this Christmas, but oh the fun to be had! Need some foam finger rockets? I ordered these from the Surf Outlet (under pool toys section) and within 48 hours, they were at my door via Fedex. They are $1.95 each (cheapest I've found unless you buy super lame ones) and even cheaper if you purchase more than a dozen (10% off). We purchase inexpensive goggles at the Home Depot or the 99 cent store. What youth ministry inspired fun will your family be enjoying this Christmas?


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