Yoda on a Shelf

     We are not an anti-Harry Potter, anti Twilight, anti-Santa Claus type of family. Maybe I should hang my head in shame as some Christians unleash their judgment upon me. I've learned not to sweat the small stuff.  As parents, we want our kids to grow up secure in knowing what our family is FOR (mercy, justice, walking humbly with God) and WHO we enjoy every day life with (Jesus and each other).  They don't need a long list of what we are against.  I am tired of Christians being known by what they are against. Instead I want our family to be known for their love, for their kindness, for their dazzling others with grace.

     Our kids will grow up remembering that we sure had a lot of fun loving Jesus and loving others. We are extravagant and liberal with our love and grace. We are conservative in our judgment of what other Christians are or are not doing. We care more about who they are being. Being loving. Being generous. Being patient. Being a peace-maker. Being more like Jesus. 

    Christmas can bring out the weirdness in Christians sometimes.  Maybe because your family celebrates Christmas a little differently than theirs. Getting slammed for letting kids believe in Santa Claus or getting yelled out because you don't. Christmas, is beautiful and ironic all at the same time. I laughed one day because I was being gently reprimanded for allowing a Taylor Swift song (were Jesus was being championed as the savior of the earth) before youth group. Thirty seconds later the youth worship leader led everyone in singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer during worship, and it went unnoticed. Kind of funny. Rudolph yes. Taylor Swift no.

     Our family loves the fun and the silly...so like a pinata at a birthday party or a giggly round of pin the tail on the donkey,  I invite you (free of judgement) to partake in the birthday party games. The birthday boy is Jesus. His birthday is unmistakably celebrated at Christmas with an advent filled with both silly and reflective party festivities. We enjoy advent with things like service projects, creative dinner time prayers, scavenger hunts, watching Elf, church services, one too many parties, gifts from Santa Clause who loves Jesus too (and knows we are ALL naughty) and introducing....

     YODA on a SHELF. No he doesn't spy on us and report to Santa at the north pole.Yoda exists for one reason. A little 7 year old girl who giggles with delight every time she finds him doing something silly in our home. Daily she asks, "Will Yoda be here again tomorrow? Will he be doing something crazy?"  I smile and say yes, and my husband laughs at me as I think of things to do with a not very pliable Yoda dressed in a Santa suit. Why Yoda on a shelf? Target was out of all the little "Elf on a Shelf" figures and I had 2 Santa Yoda figures  laying around that my husband had received from kids in his class last Christmas. We like Star Wars A-LOT, so this is more fitting anyways! So what are your silly, reflective, mundane, or meaningful Jesus' Birthday month/Advent family traditions? 

Body wash, Star Wars I like. 

You have not enough Syrup. More to order from Costco you must. 

Fluffy pillow these cotton balls will make. 
*For the record these are my opinions only and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the church that graciously employees me nor those I work for and under. 


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