2013 Project Life: Youth Ministry Edition

     Finished my first day back at the church office today after some nice down time with the family. It was definitely challenging trying to leave the house with the family home on Christmas break and a sick baby coughing her head off. She was staring lethargically into my eyes as I kissed her goodbye this morning. I am taking her to the pediatrician if she doesn't seem better tomorrow. It was fun seeing everyone at work and getting into the swing of things. The hardest thing is leaving the house, but once at work, I get in the groove and the day buzzes right on by. The day went by so fast, that I didn't have time to pick up lunch. I searched my office for coins and paid the vending machine a visit.
    I started 2013 by taking an online class over at Studio Calico. The class is called Day by Day and focuses on documenting every day life through a system called Project Life. It is a hybrid of Smash Books and Scrapbooking wedded together in simplicity and fun. Of course as a youth worker, my Project Life is definitely flavored by that! Here are my first few layouts I made on Picmonkey with a Google Chromebook for my Project Life album. Picmonkey is my favorite online photo editor. We use here at the office for almost all of our youth group fliers now. Try it! It rocks. Take a peek into the life of a Woman in Youth Ministry. Click on the images for a larger view.


  1. thanks for the awesome pens!! I can't wait to use them!


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