Guest blog post at the Youth Cartel

I am thrilled and honored to have a guest blog post over at my favorite youth ministry site The Youth Cartel. 
Stop over there and let me know your thoughts! I would love to read your comments and see what you think about  "Having the Bible on Ipads, Iphones and other devices at Youth Group."  It's a fun and relevant discussion to partake in. Share how you address the issue of  cell phones and electronic devices in your own youth ministry context. This is a timely subject, very near and dear to my heart. This past Sunday was the first Sunday we had youth group post-Christmas. Guess what? 90% of middle school students who sat at my table had brand spankin new Iphones. Like it or not, it is a new digital age we live in. How do you use that to your advantage?


  1. Tiara Dsouza7/11/2013

    The youth today takes responsibility! Love this part.
    Cardan Shaft
    Manufacturer in India


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