Now serving Red Bull at church


     I just thought it was worth posting. It's kind of awesome and laughable. I can't decide if I work at the most awesome church ever, or if we've all gone crazy in a state of sugar and caffeine induced chemical coma.  As a middle school youth worker, I have the self-inflicted challenge of Mtn. Dew and donut availability on a Sunday morning, but not prepared for the Red Bull blended drinks now available at the church coffee shop. Keeping the attention, focus, and heart of a middle schooler engaged on a Sunday morning is challenging. Especially when they bounce off the walls, jump from the roof tops (ok not really), wrestle, practice their Zumba moves, run in circles, braid each other's hair together DURING a worship set and other such craziness. But hopefully I can get them to purchase them on their way home to mom and dad, and not on their way to me! Ha! What challenges come your way when trying to teach a bunch of middle schoolers who have enough energy to light up the whole western power grid? 


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