How to Use PicMonkey for Youth Group Flyers

     So you need a youth group flyer? I've been using PicMonkey for youth group flyers, ever since one of my tech-savvy youth group interns bestowed her PicMonkey prowess upon me. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I use it for youth group flyers, blogging, scrap-booking, and for my Project Life album. It's much more user friendly (and less $$) than Photoshop or PSE (Photoshop Elements). Here is a brief tutorial on how to get started with PicMonkey for making the best youth group flyers around.

Find a picture you want to use as a background. It needs to be kind of neutral with a lot of non-busy space for adding text.  I use Google images to find something. Not sure how copyright laws work, but I have not been hauled away in handcuffs for making youth group flyers from Google Images.  Here is a nice beach pic for a beach trip flyer. Pick higher resolution images, or you will end up with a blurry flyer.
Upload the picture to my favorite monkey...PicMonkey! Click on Edit a Photo, and then Upload the one you want to use.
Resize to the size you need. HERE is a great sizing-chart to help you figure that out. 
Ready to make a flyer?  Click on the "P" in the left hand menu bar to add text to your photo. 

5) Monkey Around 
Play around until you have it right. Play with the fonts, colors, and fun overlays available in PicMonkey. When it's perfect...make sure it's perfect, because you can NO LONGER edit the photo once it's saved and downloaded as a jpg to your computer. If you need to change something later, you pretty much have to start from scratch again. After it is PERFECTED, save it to your computer and you are done! Presto...you've Pic Monkey'd around in the office long enough...now print!

This handy dandy tutorial and flyer was made on a Google Chromebook by the way...the best $200 you can spend if you want a cloud-based computer for less than an ipod touch!


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